1.0.0 Release

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This is the v1.0.0 release of Open Match.

Check the README for details on features, installation and usage.

Release Notes

Feature Highlights

  • Assigned tickets will now automatically be deleted after a configured time. Default assignedDeleteTimeout = 10 minutes. #1211
  • Added API call to release all pending tickets. #1215 This enables callers through several API calls to delete all tickets.
  • Matchfunction library now supports passing gRPC call options. #1205
  • Metrics for many Open Match concepts now exported by Open Match, and a page with charts added to Grafana. #1192 #1193
  • Refactor and greatly improved test coverage, fixing several bugs and ensuring stability going forward. #1204 #1176 #1196 #1189 #1194

Breaking Changes - Previous releases are not compatible with this release.

  • Renamed several configuration values for consistency and clarity: #1206
  • ignoreListTTL -> pendingReleaseTimeout
  • pageSize/page.size -> queryPageSize
  • registrationIntervalMs -> registrationInterval
  • proposalCollectionIntervalMs -> proposalCollectionInterval
  • Default Evaluator now uses the main open match configmaps, removing the separate config maps. #1191

Breaking changes are only made if they fall within the stability guarantee.


  • Updated development guide. #1182
  • Fixed installing open match by default installing the integration test components. #1213
  • Improved error messages in several cases. #1207
  • Improved and corrected API documentation. #1212
  • Pods will now try to gracefully exit when receiving sigterm #1194

Usage Requirements

  • Kubernetes Version >= v1.10
  • Golang Version >= v1.14


Follow Open Match Installation Guide to setup Open Match in your cluster.

API Definitions

Available both in SwaggerUI and API references.